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Specialized Tours of the Land of Israel & Seminars on the Universal Torah Values for Humanity.

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"Israel is a very dynamic and mysterious land. When I had the chance to discover the unique relationship between the land and the people from the Rabbis themselves it opened new windows of breathtaking insights.
Zion Tours will give you a different approach to connect with this beautiful land: living Torah knowledge combined with adventurous expeditions to Holy places."

Anne M. Laseur, Netherlands- 20 June 2019

"The tour this year had for me one major highlight and that was Shiloh. A place where Hana prayed for a child, the site of the tabernacle, and where Samuel was born. A stunning place! The tours this year were good for everybody. We could take a fresh dive in the pools of Gan HaShloshah, we went to the very interesting Archaeological National Park, and the Davidson Center was magnificent. The guide was very good, and had a lot of information. He worked with big cards, and that worked very well. The tours are a recommendation to everybody."

Annet Bouwman, Netherlands- 23 June 2019

I really enjoyed our Guide, Daniel! He was very clear, honest, complete and humorous! The way he explained an told us about the sites we visited and the stories to which they are connected was great! 
He showed us the Jewish connection to the land of Israel through archaeological finds and connecting them to Torah quoting the specific sources. This was very much the case in Hevron and Shiloh.

Michel Van Bruksvoort, Netherlands- 27 June 2019

"It was a great honor for us, Rabbi Perets.  Hashem is so close and makes us all so happy and we would like to thank Hashem wholeheartedly and align ourselves with His will. We feel abundantly blessed by Hashem Baruch Hu (G-d). And also blessed by all the rabbis who were present.  I will never forget the spiritual presence. It lives on in me and will accompany me in everyday life.  My respect for the Rabbinate. Great gratitude fills my heart and I hope so much that we stay with you I. Contact when we get back home. It means a lot to us to keep in touch with you."

Birgit Schreiner, Switzerland - 01 July 2019