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A joint Initiative of Zion Tours and the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem.

Specialized Tours of the Land of Israel & Seminars on the Universal Torah Values for Humanity.

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To explore the Land of Israel and re-discover the Divine Image in you!


" A totally overwhelming 
life-time experience"

Tour Guide: Harry Moskoff

Would you like to visit Israel and get an opportunity to have an open-hearted
discussion with your Creator?

Well, you are finally off at a GREAT start with us!!!


  • With our team, at Zion Tours, we invite you to an unforgettable and forever
    life-changing journey into Israel and the human soul.

  • Israel is the land upon which: "Forever are the eyes of the L-rd our G‑d upon it, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year." (Deut. 11:12).



  • Zion Tours is specialized on providing the best Biblical, Educational & Spiritual - Soul-Augmented Tour Experiences for everyone in the Land of Israel.


  • In association with the Noahide Academy of Jerusalem, we provide expert seminars on the Noahide Code – Humanity’s Biblical Universal Ethical Heritage from the Torah, with tours which have the particularity of being Soul-Augmented Tours – in each city/site the specific universal values, secrets and inner-dimensions are revealed to you.


  • The “eyes” in the above verse (Deut. 11:12), are referring to the Wisdom of G-d. And the: “from the beginning of the year to the end of the year”, instead of saying everlasting, is alluding to the fact that each year there is a new level of G-dly Wisdom revealed, through the Jewish people, in the Holy Land of Israel.
    And we want to give you access to it, on a personal basis.


  • Israel and the stories in the bible are not here only to entertain us, or to tell us what happened 5000 years ago, but to inspire us to become better.

  • The knowledge was revealed by G-d in the Torah to the Jewish People. Then HaShem asked the Jewish People to be a Light Unto Humanity, and for that he gave us a book and a land:

These are our tools to inspire you to access your divine potential and fulfill it:
“Let us Create Man in Our Own Image" (Gen 1:26) – every human being can achieve the perfect balance with his seven emotions, which parallel the seven divine powers of creation, and bring balance to the world. 

Did you know?
That the Land of Israel is more then a place. It is the soul of the Jewish people - and a Model of spirituality for all humanity and every single one of us.

Internationally acclaimed expert on sacred Jewish artifacts,
Harry Moskoff

Award winning Producer and Author of The ARK Report, 

columnist and TV show host on Investigative Archaeology.

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